I love @sketchlondon. What is there not to enjoy about this place? Filled with conversation stopping work by @davidshrigley ,interior design that’s unforgettable and makes me want to add more than half of their items onto my own interior wishlist. Yes, it’s the place when the egg-loos are a location for most of the space-esque and possibly enviable #selfies on Instagram ;) when going inside I feel you can almost forget the fact that one of London’s busiest street, Regent Street, is across the road. When I saw that @sketchlondon updated their website to one which is a completely atypical to the standard bar/restaurant website you experience online. I was impressed. The new website successfully brings the real life aspect/concept found inside @sketchlondon online. The website encounter begins with an immersive, digital interactive landscape where each of the rooms are creatively presented by a different shape and colour floating in space (yes even one for the egg loo 🥚) . Once you click on a shape (represents room) the games begin. Especially great fun if you have time to play.. Unfortunately when making a #booking , selecting a time and date is not as fun.. it’s not an intuitive process: once you discover where to select a date for a reservation, the option to select time doesn’t follow. Instead you get a reminder note that your booking has a cancellation fee. Once you proceed then you’re taken to another website outside of sketch website to confirm time and date (external booking website company) it made me feel that a phone conversation would probably save more time.. that’s if I haven’t given up ;) so if you’re looking for a fun unique digital experience this design definitely checks that box ✅ if you’re looking for an intuitively quick and easy restaurant booking #experience .. it’s not there. Far too many steps .. watch this space for #redesign 👀 a relatively small tweak that yields incomparable UX/UI #gains ;) #london #user #experience #interactivedesign #webdesign #webdesigner #restaurants #bars #afternoontea #ux #sketch #onlinereservation #reservation #booking #calendar #schedule #datenight #designers #guideline #surrealism #surreal